Race Day FAQs

What's the race day timeline, and do I need to be at the entire event to participate?


The entire day begins at 7:30am with same day registration. Most activities start at 8:00am and warm-ups will start at 8:45. The first band of racers depart the start line at 9:00am with subsequent bands released in evenly spaced increments. All participants should comfortably finish the race by the awards ceremony at 10:00am. Raffle prize winners are drawn at 10:45am. Block party activities - bounce pad, food vendors, music, lawn games, face paint and temporary tattoos, etc - all end at noon.


You do not need to be at the entire event to participate in the race. Just know that the run starts at 9:00am so you'll want to be at the start line ready to go by then.

I can't make it on race day but I want to support or participate in some way! What are my options?


You have several options! If you can't make it but want a race swag bag and t-shirt, just fill out the registration form and when asked if you are running competitively or just for fun, select the "I'm just here for the cupcakes" option. You can also make a donation in any amount on the registration form, without paying a registration fee. Just look for the donation field under the "additional donations and purchases" section. Additionally, you could donate a raffle item for our prize drawing! Email us if that is something you'd like to do!

What are the important dates to remember regarding registration?


May 5th: This is the day to register in order to guarantee yourself a race t-shirt in your preferred size.

May 8th: If you want your family's name printed on the back of the race t-shirts, you must make your $100 fan sponsorship donation by this date. You can do this via the registration form or sponsorship form

May 26th: Online registration closes! Walk-up registrations are welcome.

June 1st: Race Bag pickup is 2:00 - 6:00 at Stormonth School.

 What's the race route and will it be closed to traffic?


The route is an easy, flat loop around Stormonth School and surrounding Longacre Park!


Racers will leave the starting line at the east side of the Stormonth playground near the basketball hoops and then make a left, heading north on N Longacre Road. They will then run past the finish line staged in the Stormonth front parking lot and continue up to the intersection of N Bell Road where they turn left. At the next intersection, they turn left on N Lombardy Road, heading south. They run past the tennis courts where they then make a left onto N Yates Road. The final turn on the route is another left heading back north on N Longacre Road. Participants then run past the start line and run up and through the finish line in the Stormonth front circle drive. 


We will have volunteers directing runners, especially at the start and finish lines where participants - especially in the kids wave - may get confused about having to pass the finish line once and then the start line once. 


The course will also be closed to through traffic during the race. Thank you Fox Point police department!

How are participants sent off from the start line?


Racers are sent off in three separate waves. Wave #1 is all adult runners sent off from the start line with an air horn at 9:00am. Wave #2 is girls and boys ages 10 - 13 leaving the start line at 9:10am. Wave #3 - the final wave - is girls and boys under 10 years of age and all of our walkers and families, sent off from the start at 9:25am.

What's the parking situation?


You may park in the west Stormonth parking lot (backside of the school) as well as the east Stormonth parking lot (front of the school) prior to the race start at 9:00am. The road will then be closed until 10:00am for the race. So, if you want to park in the lots, please note that you need to park before 9:00am and will not be able to leave the lot for that hour. If you park in the front lot, please note that the north third of that lot belongs to the village and needs to remain open for a private event occurring at Longacre Pavilion later that day. 


If you street park, we ask that you not park along the race route. Please park on the streets surrounding the race route and walk to event space. You may move your car closer after 10:00am when the race is over. Remember to keep all cars parked on only one side of the street please!

Is running through the color powder station mandatory?


Absolutely not! We will have a color powder "runway" set up near the finish line. If you want to "opt out," just head to the left or right of our color powder volunteers lined up alongside the color powder runway. 

Can I volunteer at the event and still run the race?


For sure! You can sign up for any volunteer slot. Just note in the comments section that you plan on running the race and we will give you a volunteer position that won't conflict. More details on volunteering can be found on the volunteers page

Can I bring my dog to the event? How about a wagon? What about a stroller?


For the safety and comfort level of all participants and spectators, we ask that you please leave your furry friends at home. Wagons are welcome at the block party, but we ask that you please keep them off the race course. Strollers are absolutely welcome on the course; please just line up towards the back of your race wave if you'll be pushing stroller. Thank you!

Do you have race bag pickup available before the morning of the race?


Yes! Race bags are available for pickup the afternoon of Thursday, June 1st at Stormonth School for all those who pre-registered. Look out for the event email coming to you the week before the race for more details.

Are walk-up registrations welcome?


Absolutely. Walk-up registration starts at 7:30am. We highly suggest pre-registering so you have a better chance of securing a race bag and t-shirt in your preferred size, but we understand the need for last minute registrations and are happy to have you! Just allow yourself enough time before the 9:00am start to fill out the paperwork and pay the registration fee that morning.

What kind of cupcakes do you give to participants?


Our delicious cupcakes are from National Bakery & Deli. You have your choice of chocolate or vanilla. All cupcakes have rainbow buttercream frosting and rainbow sprinkles. You will be asked to hand in your race bib pull-away strip in exchange for a cupcake so we can ensure cupcakes are reserved for each participant. We do have gluten-free cupcakes available upon request; please email us so we can put you in our gluten-free cupcake tally. 

Do I have to be present for the raffle in order to win a prize?


Nope! We just ask that you include your name and contact phone number on your ticket stub before placing it in the raffle box. We will contact you if you've won! Also, be sure to hang onto the tear away copy of each raffle ticket stub in case we need to match up numbers on the winning ticket. 

I just want to enter some tickets in the raffle and can't be there day of the event. Can I just have you put tickets in a raffle box for me if I pay for them?


Due to state and federal laws and regulations, we can't do that. Sorry! Raffle tickets have to be picked up in person either at race bag pickup on Thursday or the day of the event. If you want a friend to pick up your raffle tickets, fill them out for you, and place them in the raffle boxes for you the day of the event, that is fine. We just can't be a part of that process as an organization. 

Do I just register my child? Or do I need to register too?


It all depends on (1) who is going on the course, (2) who wants a cupcake, and (3) who wants a race t-shirt. We ask that everyone who is on the course (except young children in strollers), register for the race so that we can track participants with race bibs and ensure we have waivers and photo releases on hand for all participants. If you just want to participate by eating a cupcake, great! Register and select the "I'm just here for the cupcakes" option when selecting what type of runner you are. All registrants get a t-shirt too!

But what if I just want the awesome Cupcake Color Run t-shirt? Do I have to register?


Nope! You can order yourself a t-shirt on the registration form under the "Additional Donations & Purchases" section. 

Can I just get a cupcake


No, cupcakes are the ONLY food item at the event that are solely for registered participants. It is the Cupcake Color Run, after all. We will have other food options available for purchase. 

Can I walk the mile race? Or do I have to run?


You can do whatever you want! Go ahead and hop-skip-jump the whole race. We just ask that you leave in your appropriate wave - (1) adult runners, (2) older kid runners, (3) younger kids with families and walkers - and are off the course by 10:00am so the police department can open the course back up to traffic.

How do I pay for things the day of the event?


Cash is always king. But, we also have Square for credit card payments and QR codes that will direct you to our PayPal option. Sorry - no Venmo as they haven’t set up their services for non-profit yet. 

What's the bathroom situation? (Please don't say Port-o-Potties...)


Nope. No port-o-potties. Thanks to the Stormonth Administration, we have access to the Stormonth bathrooms in the gym hallway for the duration of the event. Thank you Ms. Witkov and Team!

I have a question that isn’t answered above. Who do I contact for an answer?


Whoa! We tried to be super exhaustive. Email our committee and we will get you an answer!