You may ask...

Why should I join the Parent Teacher Organization?

THE answer is simple. 

Join the PTO to support our schools, teachers and children, because we put your money where it matters.

And the PTO is more than just fundraising. We...

  • help with school services, including Picture Days, Bayside Ped 'n Pedal, and Stormonth Safety Week.
  • provide additional school enrichment such as Yearbook Publishing and hosting the Book Fairs.
  • organize school events like Bayside Activity Nights, Kids' Nights Out, and KinderKid Date Night.
  • execute cultural programs such as the Artist-in-Residence Programs and Special Interest Days.

The simple act of joining not only provides financial support to our schools, but it's also a great way to stay informed about what's happening at school, and connect in meaningful ways with other parents...including access to our student directory!



Together we can do a lot of good.