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Our PTO is made up of hard-working parents & teachers who pool their talents to provide practical support for our school. Those listed below volunteered to provide leadership this year. Get to know their names and faces, and feel free to ask them if you have questions. 


Interested in the open board or chair positions listed below? Contact us!



President: Kari Sisson

Past President: Jayme Cain

President-Elect: Jamie Carlson

Treasurer: Xiaoting Hao

Secretary: Maggie Cain

VP Ways & Means: Nicole Stickler

VP Administrative Services: Anne Earnheart

VP Communications: Elisabeth Koerner

VP School Services: Nicole Boico

VP Programs: Britten Brenner Stenson

VP Cultural Arts & Sciences: Jaci Ruben


EVENT & Program CHAIRS: 


  • Book Fairs: Robyn Wilgreen & OPEN
  • Club's Choice: Elana Karan
  • Monster Bash: Anne Berkoff & Ann Tobiczyk
  • Spirit Wear: OPEN
  • Winter Fun Night: OPEN
  • Passive Fundraisers: Sowmya Madireddy
  • Cupcake Run: Jamie Carlson & Jaci Ruben
  • Restaurant Nights: Leia Olsen


  • Bus Riders: Lauren Walthers
  • NS Kids Safety Network: Jesse Hillstrom, Heather Klug & OPEN
  • Stormonth Yearbook: Laura Crum 
  • End of the Year Party: Sara Flynn & Nicole Boico
  • School Pictures: Anne Berkoff (Stormonth) & Michelle Buerger (Bayside)
  • Stormonth Battle of the Books: Megan Smith


  • PTO Directory and Membership: Anh Clausen, Kaitlin Torres & Megan Smith
  • Volunteer Opportunities: OPEN
  • PTO Sponsorship: Anne Earnheart
  • Back to School Party: Kari Sisson & Jayme Cain


  • School Communications: OPEN
  • Bulletin Boards & District Webpage LiaisonOPEN
  • Social Media: OPEN
  • Membership Toolkit / PTO Website: Megan Smith & Kaitlin Torres
  • PTO Newsletter: Jamie Carlson
  • Monster Bash Communications Lead: Anne Berkoff
  • Cupcake Color Run Communications Lead: OPEN


  • Bayside Activity Nights: Monica Arnstein & Jayme Cain (5th), Amy Bazelon & Rachel Weinberg (6th), Robin Burns & Mary Schmierer (7th), Katie Glaisner & Christine Duback (8th)
  • Kids Nights Out: Sarah Leibham (3rd/4th) & OPEN (1st/2nd)
  • Kinderdate: Danielle Horvatin
  • Conference Dinners: Maggie Joos
  • Teacher Appreciation: Tiffani Rodriguez & OPEN
  • Meet and Greet: Kari Sisson & Jayme Cain
  • Staff Luncheon: Kari Sisson


  • Artist in Residence: OPEN
  • Diversity Programming: Mary Schmierer
  • Special Interest Day: OPEN (looking for two chairs)


  • Chair: Jayme Cain
  • Stormonth:
    Laura Witkov, School Principal
    Jillian Heise, Teacher Representative
    Elisabeth Koerner, Parent Representative
    Leia Olsen, Parent Representative
  • Bayside:
    Jodi Hackl, School Principal
    Charity James, Teacher Representative
    Heather Klug, Parent Representative
    Mary Honzik Kliesmet, Parent Representative



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